Offering Very Affordable House Cleaning in Lafayette, CO


  • Hundreds of thrilled references, since 1991
  • We use environmentally friendly supplies
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Committed to personal service
  • Thoroughness and integrity!
  • Thoroughly screened and trained teams
  • Very pet-friendly!
  • Very affordable!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!


Why We are the Best Cleaning Service for You

You have two choices when choosing a house cleaning service –
Individual maids and large franchises.

We offer the very best of both services, without the drawbacks of either!

We offer all the positives of an individual maid:

  • We are very affordable and charge far less than the large franchises due to our extremely low overhead.
  • We give you extremely personal attention.
  • We tailor your cleaning exactly how you like it and give the same cleaning standards every time.

We offer all the positives of larger companies:

  • We are extremely reliable and very flexible if your schedule or needs change.
  • We provide all the workers compensation, insurance, bonding, and payroll taxes.

Because of our balanced approach, WE AVOID the negatives of either type of service…

The Major Negatives of Individual Maids and Large Companies –

  • They have a lot of overhead (franchise charges, advertising budgets) and they are quite a bit more expensive!
  • If ANYTHING comes up in their life – illness, car trouble, vacation, etc… they cannot clean your house!
  • They usually do not pay for liability insurance, workers compensation, bonding, or payroll taxes. This puts that liability on you!
  • They too are usually paid a flat rate by the company, regardless of time! Thus, they have an incentive to rush.
  • It is typical to not get the personalized cleaning or customer service you would receive from our company.

It’s time to let us do the dirty work. Call us today for your free consultation!
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